About Us


Women in War and International Politics (WIWIP) is a King’s College London network of women students, staff and alumnae from across the Faculty of Social Sciences and Public Policy. We seek to support and make more visible the role of women from KCL who are active in the fields of War Studies and International Politics, whether as students, researchers, or practitioners. We also hope to promote and encourage exploration of the question of gender and its implications in war, conflict, foreign policy, and security practices.

More specifically what we do is:

Career Events

We seek to promote opportunities for women interested in pursuing a career in the field of foreign and security policy and support the employability of female graduates. In other words, the aim is to raise the profile of different jobs that are available to women in a sector that is predominantly male. We host activities to raise awareness of different career paths in foreign and security policy, to disseminate information on upcoming job opportunities, fellowship calls, etc

Lectures and academic activities

WIWIP brings together women throughout the foreign and security studies community for academic-related events, such as lecture series and workshops. The lecture series will include women in senior positions in government, academia, industry, and think tanks, and provide a forum to not only discuss their areas of expertise and engage with a knowledgeable audience, but also to share their experiences as women in foreign and security studies. We aim to foster an academically beneficial discourse, along with providing a venue for networking.

WIWIP also organizes smaller workshops wherein members can meet to discuss their personal research activities, bringing together students, teachers, and alumni who share similar research interests, such as conflict resolution, intelligence, humanitarian intervention, and counterinsurgency.

Skill development

WIWIP organises skill workshops for you, about the skills YOU want to learn.

Social activities

WIWIP is also a great opportunity to have fun and build friendships with like-minded women.  WIWIP hosts social events throughout the year.

Most importantly we do all of this because of the ideas you share. Get connected, get involved, get WIWIP-ing.