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Email us or tell the network if you want to suggest an event and ask for support, help out with an existing event or have other ideas for WIWIP activities. We NEED you to make things happen, to  share your ideas, thoughts & suggestions:

Get involved

We are a network and depend on active involvement of our students, alumna and faculty to make things happen. Bring an idea for an event you would like to see to the group, and we have the resources to help you make it happen. We can also spread the word about publications, presentations or other events that women working in war and international politics are doing at KCL right now.

Visit the events calendar page for a list of upcoming events.


Are you willing to share your experience as a (female) student with prospective students considering a degree at KCL? The aim here is to attract women to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the area of war studies and international politics. Give an hour or so of your time to talk to prospective students and answer their questions about studying in your department.

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